Blockchain Collectibles in your hand

Cryft Card is your next-gen Gift Card. Physically "Gift the Moon" with the power of Cryft Cards.

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Cryft Cards are built on blockchain technology
All gift codes are cryptographically secure
Cryft Cards are Patent Pending

Great for every occasion. Easy for everyone. kids. students. grandma. parents.
Cryft LLC is a Proud Member of the SafeMoon Family

Why should I get a Cryft Card for my next-gen gift?

Cryft Cards enable everyone to gift Blockchain Collectibles. Providing an opportunity to β€œgift the moon” to friends, family, and loved ones.

Cryft Cards redeem for Cryft Token. Cryft Token builds the bridge between you and all blockchain collectibles.
Physical Cards
All physical Cryft Cards are 100% made in the USA by Cryft LLC. We put extra effort into making the best gift.
Every Cryft Card turns into a unique Cryft Card NFT when redeemed. Cryft NFTs contain both utility and art.

I have redeemed my Cryft Card. What should I do now?

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Tokens and Blockchain are all terms you will hear more often. This is a growing space, but a lot is already possible with a Cryft Card.

Get a Collectible and Free CryftNFT with every Cryft Card
Official CryftNFTs bring you utility. collectibles. art. memories.
Swap Tokens
Every redeemed Cryft Card comes with .02BNB worth of gas. Use it and make some token swaps!
Stake Tokens
A lot of blockchain based companies allow you to stake tokens within a pool for rewards.
Hold Tokens
Become a "HODLR" and hold your tokens for the long haul. Many tokens accumulate rewards for holding.
Send Tokens
After redeeming a Cryft Card, you have the freedom to send tokens within your wallet where you desire.
Trade NFTs
Every Cryft Card comes with a free NFT and these NFTs are transferable between users.
Spend Tokens
Blockchain collectibles may be accepted as a form of payment when you checkout.
Cryft Cards are 100% made in the USA!

Cryft Cards are Personalized Gifts

Make every gift unique with the customizable features on Cryft Cards. Build a Cryft Card!

Personalized Cryft Cards

Live QR Code
Every Cryft Card comes laser engraved with a QR Code, but this option lets you update the content within.
Cryft Card Logo
Choose the logo of your favorite Tokens available on Cryft Cards. Upload your custom logo too!
Custom Message
We know how important it is to give every gift a special meaning. Have a message or name laser engraved on a card.
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Cryft Cards are in the wild!

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