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Cryft Cards

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About Cryft LLC

Cryft Cards and our token CRYFT create the first cryptocurrency gift cards with a dedicated community and platform worldwide

Cryft Cards

are cryptocurrency gift cards in your local store and online. Cryft Cards make it easier than ever to gift crypto to even the most novice user. Gift, learn and interact with blockchain collectibles using Cryft.

Cryft Token

is our official cryptocurrency on the binance smart chain. Cryft token builds the path between Cryft Cards and the world of cryptocurrency. Cryft v2 token holders pay 10% tax buy & sell, 0% transfer. Click For Detail

CryftMark NFTs

from Cryft LLC ensure memories live forever on the blockchain. Gift our digital greeting cards and you will certainly make your mark with every moment.

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Many goals have been accomplished but there are many more to complete


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Cryft v2 Audit by Dessert Finance

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Team Members

The success of Cryft LLC falls upon the shoulders of our top tier team

Chad Scully

CEO, Founder

Branden Carrisalez

Chief Communications Officer

Josh Mink

Sr. Project Advisor

Stefanie Willis

Social Media Expert

Garrett Hutslar

Financial Advisor

Don Bailey

Marketing Expert

Leet Coins

Security Advisor

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